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Title 11: General Provisions

Chapter 11-1  Penalties and Repealing Clause

11-1-1    Penalty in General.  Except in cases where a different or additional penalty is imposed by this ordinance or by some existing provision of law, every violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) or by imprisonment for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days or by both such fine and imprisonment. (SDCL 9-19-3).

11-1-2    Conflicting Ordinances Repealed.  All former ordinances or parts of former ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance or relating to the subject matter of this ordinance, except as stated in this chapter, are hereby repealed; provided however, that nothing herein shall be construed as repealing any special ordinances, appropriation ordinances, franchise ordinances establishing fees and charges, levy ordinances for the issuance of bonds, or special ordinances of like character, nor shall this ordinance repeal or modify the provisions of any zoning ordinances or any other ordinances requiring a special method of adoption, nor shall this ordinance repeal or modify the provisions of any resolution heretofore adopted by the City of Groton unless the provisions of this ordinance either modify, repeal, or amend such resolution; and all such ordinances and resolutions shall remain in full force and effect.

11-1-3    Unconstitutionality.  Should any section, paragraph, sentence, clause, or phrase of this ordinance be declared unconstitutional or invalid for any reason, the remainder of this ordinance shall not be affected thereby.