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Swimming Pool

Address: 228 E 11th Avenue

Ph 605-397-8470

2021 Pool Info

August 2021 Calendar

2021 Rates


SENIORS (62+)            $3.00

ADULT (18-61)            $5.00

YOUTH (0-17)             $3.00


SEASON TICKETS (no lessons included):                   

FAMILY                       $130.00                                

SENIORS (62+)            $35.00

ADULT (18-61)            $65.00                                      

YOUTH (0-17)             $45.00

SPECIAL VACATION FAMILY: $60.00 (5 persons for 1 week)

SWIMMING LESSONS: $30.00 per two-week session (three two-week sessions offered per summer) Swimming Lesson sign up takes place at the pool!!

PRIVATE LESSONS: $15 per 30 minutes with a minimum of 5 lessons and maximum of 10 consecutive lessons during non-open swim times

WATER AEROBICS: $5.00 per session or $35.00 per summer

LAP SWIM: $5.00 per session or $35.00 per summer

WATER AEROBICS & LAP SWIM: $55.00 per summer

POOL RENTAL DURING NON POOL HOURS: $175.00 for 2 hours (includes 2 lifeguards)

*All parents must provide an accurate phone number to call in case of inclement weather for possible cancellations.

*Any child under 6 years must have an adult (at least 18 years of age) with them when they are in attendance. See Managers for more information.

All patrons have to pay to go inside the pool area. This is not different than going to any other facility or event to watch the activity/event.

Next to the swimming pool, the City offers an outdoor Basketball and Tennis/Pickleball Court with lights.