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Swimming Pool

Closed for the season!

Address: 228 E 11th Avenue

Ph 605-397-8470

2023 Managers: Kami Lipp & Tricia Keith

2023 Handout

2023 Rates


SENIORS (62+)            $3.00

ADULT (18-61)            $5.00

YOUTH (0-17)             $3.00


SEASON TICKETS (no lessons included):  

FAMILY                       $130.00                                

SENIORS (62+)            $35.00

ADULT (18-61)            $65.00                                      

YOUTH (0-17)             $45.00

SPECIAL VACATION FAMILY: $60.00 (5 persons for 1 week)

SWIMMING LESSONS: $50.00 per two-week session (three two-week sessions offered per summer)

PRIVATE LESSONS: $125 per 5- 30 minute sessions (maximum of 2 lessons per Summer)

WATER AEROBICS: $5.00 per session or $50.00 per summer

LAP SWIM: $5.00 per session or $50.00 per summer

WATER AEROBICS & LAP SWIM: $75.00 per summer

POOL RENTAL DURING NON POOL HOURS: $175.00 for 2 hours (includes 2 lifeguards)


*Swimming lesson sign up and season ticket purchases must be done at the pool!


*All parents must provide an accurate phone number to call in case of inclement weather for possible cancellations.


*Any child under 6 years must have an adult (at least 18 years of age) with them when they are in attendance. See Managers for more information.


*All patrons have to pay to go inside the pool area. This is not different than going to any other facility or event to watch the activity/event.

*Next to the Swimming Pool, the City offers an outdoor Basketball and Tennis/Pickleball Courts with lights.