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Groton is a city in northeastern South Dakota.  First organized in 1881 as a railroad stop, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad continues to provide major freight service through the southern side of the city.  The city also is now located at the junction of two major highways (US Highway 12 and SD Highway 37). With a growing population of 1,458 people in the 2010 census and home of the Groton Area School consolidated district, there is always activity in this family friendly community.  Sometimes listed as a bedroom to the larger city of Aberdeen (just 18 west of Groton),  Groton has a small, but healthy business district along Highway 12 and downtown, and offers a large range of recreation activities.  The new swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, baseball/softball complex, new ice skating rink, tennis courts, basketball court, walking path in the city park, as well as playgrounds, and nearby hunting and fishing opportunities, all, invite a wholesome, active, outdoor  lifestyle.  School functions, social groups, the library, and a locally owned telecommunication  (telephone, internet, and cable television systems) company provide more sedimentary activities.

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