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Community Center

Address: 109 N 3rd St

The City of Groton has a community center for rent for activities held in town.

Community Center Fees
Suggested Capacity: East Room - 100, South West Room - 30
All include use of the Kitchen (if want to rent just the Kitchen, $25 fee applies)
   Whole Bldg   East   SW 
Groton Area* Business/Gathering  $        100.00  $   75.00  $ 15.00
Out of Town Business/Gathering  $        200.00  $ 150.00  $ 30.00
Tables/Chairs - Donation ($50 suggested)
Funerals - Donation 
*Groton Area is comprised of the City of Groton and the surrounding communities within the Groton Area School District
**A security deposit of $150.00 may be required to cover expenses for unreturned keys. Deposit is to be cash/check only. In-person key return is recommended. Deposit will be returned upon receipt of keys.